Hi all,

I just revived my netbook and I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 now, so of course the first thing I did was install Mission Planner. I'm having two issues so far and I'm not sure what to do next. Also, I'm relatively new to a non-Windows OS.

1st issue:

I'd like to use a joystick to control the quad, but the Mission Planner doesn't recognize it. When I try to setup the joystick that I have plugged in, it gives me this error:

Error getting joystick list: do you have the directx redist installed?

The joystick is recognized by the jstest-gtk program I have installed. So my question is is this an issue with the Mission Planner being run through mono and the current release does not support, or is this on the OS end that I can fix somehow?

2nd issue:

When I try to connect to the APM 2.5, it gives the following error:

Can not establish a connection. Permission denied.

I've read of others running the mission planner using mono so I'm sure this issue resides somewhere in the OS, but again I have no idea how to go about fixing this.

Any help is appreciated!


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1: I'll test it myself, yes, it's possible that there's something fshy in the way MP detects joystick, I know that mono itself is supposed to work fine with joystick.

2: assuming you are trying to connect to a serial port, try "sudo useradd -G dialout yourusername"   yet I am not sure that it's needed anymore.  I am connecting just fine "every day" - this should not ba a problem.

yep - now I remember -. check out the last post on this thread /comment on it.


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