I have a 250Quad I just built, flys just fine.  All other aspects of mission planner work fine, but when I try to see any logs, all I get is endless streaming garbled after I hit connect.  It will never stop.  (I'll paste some in here at the end in case it means something, searchable, etc) 

I CAN get telemetry logs (.rlog and .tlog), somehow, they just appears in the default folder. But no .log's

When I try to get a Dataflash Log via this method, I get this: (error receiving log list)


It is HIGHLY likely I am just not doing something right, totally new here. I've reached the limits of what google and searching have found on this issue. Help!

MP 1.3.2 - 1.155430869

Init ArduCopter V3.2.1 (36b405fb)

Micro HKPilot Mega Micro Sized Flight Controller and Autopilot with Leads 2.7.2 (APM)


APM Planner 2 just is empty. 


♦NOTE* Please click connect above
CLI Works only on first connect of power, log download only over USB
Newer versions only support log download via mavlink, please see the flightdata > dataflahs logsOpened com port
Init ArduCopter V3.2.1 (36b405fb)
Free RAM: 1995 FW Ver: 120
load_all took 28440us
3No dataflash inserted3Q?3Calibrating barometerz?QCA3barometer calibration complete3GROUND START?Init Gyro* Q?*
Ready to FLY <-;S9}uYD! ! !d
<-*P ublox >&W|a!=$}9?#U;=OO0qN:09b8pJ
R27v"D<-qFA~YDGZ /!/!/! Gc3uA#<-*28>X6$bF$ : 70 ?>B6; ! 0=[ $RAI! #"%e%=0@ 9@ 9b8p#J??) \>
#< | $W<0 : . ;%o&pr!7'Q0 7 (<-lI~) YDRh*/ ! / ! / ! LcQ+mY% , *#-GN6$$F!%??0.> n=?/0 !X!/=1$0I [?2 #*3>
<>5 '<JJ; 6C7zy8<-AEQ} 9YDGa: / ! / ! / !Dc;U<*L=PK6$F%&O?0c»wS?
FG?HQt?I<-8Y~qdJYYD\gK/!/!/!OcaLMM*N 8W7$F 97080 >V(hPhQ!T =?R$xY' S#p\TGy>ZO0T0 9b8UJ7?
Y<-$a~ZYD(;X[/!/!/! ?c\MN! ] *A_'8$FV: ?0W-»_>Hc'a!8$FVO>?b$aHc#kdJV>309n:b82eJz?z?Ga>
=Nf }RN;8>ghb2iQ! s?j<-i}PkYD\Vl/ \GcnmMdn*8oxvfe9$mF A?0Fp>: +qr! 8$F/?_s$QGi6?t#<-au<-L>Dv60Tn:b8
TvJG>G»g=w>;>xlyx<-?z«-{q~{%YDff. | |/!/!/!JcA}M~*fToT:$/Fv>?0>-A!9$[Fv, : z0?$ {q#LPax>80T09i : IJR?R?>=) ?<-;L=Sld! nQL?<-x}YD\/! /! / h IcmMg*un{x: $F\b?0>y! : $?F\Aa0I$ (yt#1-8X+>9009! Op} ?p} ?33>=I ;=Q0R'O (?<-~7! YD/! /! /! JbPM*0~: $F [?0<-4>3s) !h G;$F I YWAB$b#! I#! : aG>: 0909! %Jh? h?\>=l?r
;U>=;XJ4 !hQD <-\~U#0YDRf *>L>S<L<a; 95DȣU/! /! /!GbM*>: $Fu5B>s7n! " ;$FuAIR$O?0#&#g:#SiO>;0 :09!mcJ=
7>=gocOCK9MB: : 5=gi9<#?«-~%YDQ /!/?!/! IbCM"Z*R/P>;$FFU5Bw>0SA! %<$FGA+$>#7%] 7% !lc">
9<0 90 9b8d} J5?5?»ocOCK9MB: ! :<S1HL%8Q?<-} ’ YDG x/! /! / !NbxMK*2; $F35B<I, >DbFk! sx<$?F I *A3' $?#A' A 'Dp>s?<0 9n: i : J\?\?\»'ocOCK9MB: -: T: !<H}p3S'd<-~ }x-)YDz C/! /! /! IbkM*3 (<$F 5Bm>|<-R! )<$F B$ 6 J#3# J) b J) p>' <0 T0 9! J #>
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»ocOCK9MB:p9&<w) ' z+J?«-Q}H-;YD!/!/!/! ?Lb0Ml*Y}<$F<5By?>-L! , 1=$F<6B) $lr?#o-b’
o-u>X=0T3b8UJk>k>(»ocOCK9MB: .T:e;#hK-#QQ?*-}N/YDG! (B/ ! / ! / !DbYMQ*#+b<$F/5B9£>,a!E/=$F-CBC?$MT#v/\<-w/
yx>| =00 9b8A2J»»AocOCK9MB: {9q;YxB/XC <-} IV1FYD (!"/!/!/!Ea#MY$*i %k<$F05BS>jD ' (!0p=$F0JBj)$2*#~lGg+~lAx2>=03i : , JG>G»>-ocOCK9MB:K9M1 ;F? . 5/) lrOQ"l <-~R|2_3YD"
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  • Where is the CLI_Enable parameter. I can't find it.

  • Search for the cli_enable parameter, change it from 0 to 1, and access to terminal works.  It was not removed, it was disabled by default.

  • Darrell, did you ever resolve this?

    I have a new APM build. Running the most recent mission planner, plus 3.2.1 on a clone APM 2.8 board everything is peachy and the thing flies fine, GPS works all that good stuff, but I'm having the exact same problem you have here. Under terminal I cannot connect at all, it says what yours says. So I try going to dataflash logs and that doesn't work, either, with the same error you have.

    I've googled about this but cannot find a resolution, as few people seem to be reporting the problem. I'm having a hard time believing my board is bad, since it does save settings, calibration, etc.

    Now, this is all through USB. I don't have telemetry radios in place yet.

    Admittedly, I've not yet done anything on the tab in the first response (at work now), and haven't fiddled with this:


    • I concluded it was just a board board as well. If you find out another way to get the logs off, lemme know and I'll do the same here too.  

      • OKay so same issue as you. I cannot save bitmask, it just defaults to disabled. If I change the setting and hit write params it says save was successful. If I then refresh params it appears there as well, but if I disconnect and reconnect and pull anew it's back to disabled. Interestingly I did actually get a single log to pull up (just 6 lines long), but it showed up and I could even load it. But that only worked once. Now bitmask is just always disabled.

        I was able to save the RTL elevation.

      • I will. I figure the "Ah, Hobbyking" may have affected me, too, though I bought from Ebay. :) If I can get telemetry going shortly perhaps that will cover me for the most part.

  • What's your LOG_BITMASK setting? I was having the same problem in both terminal and through mavlink/data flash logs, I changed the setting to Default + IMU to get some vibration readings and the terminal option worked. The most recent set of default parameters I loaded left LOG_BITMASK empty.

    • That's the stupid thing, I can't write any new values for LOG_BITMASK's setting.  Even though it says it's successful updated parameters, and it writes without errors.  It's gotta just be a partially bad board because I have another identical Micro HKPilot Mega Micro Sized Flight Controller 2.7.2 and it CAN write figures to LOG_BITMASK and then I can download logs as usual.  Of course that board has it's own little unique problems too.  Ah, Hobbyking.  

  • Admin


    The CLI has been removed from v3.2.1 to conserve memory space.

    You can get the tlogs and data flash logs using MP Link



    • As I said in the post, I tried that method as well, that's where I get the error "error receiving log list"

      I have the latest version, : 1.3.24 build 1.1.5574.33902 ArduCopter V3.2.1 (36b405fb) 

This reply was deleted.


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