I just uploaded newest ArduPlane software and I see these junk messages in the terminal. I tried changing baud rate. No success.

Have anyone else got this similar issue?

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You've probably got the wrong serial port selected. There are no other reports of issues and everything's working fine here. 

I suspect you are seeing the raw mavlink stream.

Hit the "reset" button and you'll see it reboot, ASCII messages, then this "junk" as you put it will begin again.

Mavlink is the protocol used to communicate state information. It is not intended to be human readable.
Hit "return" three times when it tells you to after the reboot and it will drop you into the cli/shell.

I am using MP for the first time. I am getting the same issue as above. The serial port is correct too. :/


What ArduPilot firmware and version are you using?

The CLI is no longer functional in the latest ArduCopter firmware.



How exactly can I check that? Could you let me know, if not an issue? I checked out this post http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/how-to-check-apm-plane-firmware-v... but the link you mention there is dead.

I am trying to solve this issue here (below) and I thought the CLI in the MP could help me out. But I guess not. http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/how-to-output-pwm-values-from-uar...

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