• I checked with 700 points.

    Just a word of explanation, I was loading the txt file (waypoint file) to the Mission Planner only. Again I got only 255 point in the Mission planner. So it must be something wrong, how do you think guys?

    Btw, Is it possible to change the number of waypoints to 1700 in the Pixhawk software?

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      Why on earth do you have so many waypoints? How many days do you want to fly for??

      • I was expecting that questions.

        I need that for the road visual inspection. After the flight I will have to calculate Kilometer Post from log file and then I want to overlay that on HD video file.

        I need to fly along the road axis. The axis is compound of different geometry objects like lines, arcs and clothoids. I want the quad to fly along the road axis as close as possible. In order to achive that  it is necessary to simplify the road, I have to split the road for small line segments (10 or 20m). That's why I have so many waypoints.

        I know  I can use only two point for straight line, but it may be time consuming job to prepare the waypoint file (to distinguish between lines, arcs and clothoids). Finally if there is no other option I will have to do it that way.

  • APM or Pixhawk. This Pixhawk is limited to something like 900 if I remember correctly. APM I think is 127.
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