Hello, I am attempting to create a small-area survey grid for a 3DR IRIS+ for a 15mx20m plot.

I have set the camera's sensors, the altitude, speed, heading, et cetera, but will be triggering the camera via a remote device (not using the transmitter or the Pixhawk.)

I would like to have a waypoint at the centre of each image footprint Mission Planner has given me. I would like to have the drone loiter at these WPs. I have noticed that on the mission plan map, not all WP numbers are visible (some are clearly for navigational commands such as yaw).

My question has two parts:

1. How can I set WPs to coincide with the centre of the image footprints?
2. Is there a way to set the ship to loiter until it is commanded to continue, as opposed to setting a timeframe (30seconds)?

Thank you in advance!


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