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I am a drone enthusiast and GIS researcher

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I am interested in crop imaging and image processing.


San Francisco

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monkeyshines replied to Tim V's discussion MP - Plan segments

I am having the same problem. I proceed just as Tim V's workflow, and the droid flies to WP 1 after battery swap.
I have tried both while powering droid via USB during battery swap for uninterrupted current, and performing battery swap…"
Dec 13, 2016
monkeyshines posted a discussion
Hello all,I own a 3DR IRIS+ with the Pixhawk controller. I would like to connect an Olympus Stylus Tough TG-4 to the Pixhawk, in order to be able remotely trigger the shutter from either the Tx (FS-TH9X) or Mission Planner.Where should I start in my…
Apr 19, 2016
monkeyshines posted a discussion
Hello, I am attempting to create a small-area survey grid for a 3DR IRIS+ for a 15mx20m plot.I have set the camera's sensors, the altitude, speed, heading, et cetera, but will be triggering the camera via a remote device (not using the transmitter…
Apr 14, 2016