• Any update to this? Would be nice if they could be removed.
    • yes , the newer versions of mission planner , you can turn that off in the planner config page

      • Will that still allow you to define your own geofences? 

    • The new TFR feature is certainly useful, but could maybe use a tweak?

      The outer ring of the large area around DC is the SFRA, which is not a prohibition per se, whereas the inner ring does specifically by regulation prohibit RC flight. One of the TFRs is simply an airspeed restriction.  (BTW, something looks a little odd about the shapefiles, there are little slices inside the FRZ that don't quite make sense.)

      Also, how is MP updating TFRs?  Sometimes they change very quickly (i.e. VIP movement)

      Suggestion - make the fill a bit lighter, or adjustable, and the ring line sharper.  Reason being, those who fly near the TFR areas may wish to be able to cross reference real terrain/objects to map features and right now it is very hard to see.


      • absolutely, you must give us a way to turn this off.. It is very obtrusive to those of us in that area..I am sure someone who has knowledge of this code can help us out, please?

        • Just a quick note for anyone else in this predicament, 1.3.12 is the latest version that doesn't have the obtrusive overlay for baltimore washington region.. I went back to that version until it gets resolved..

    • I believe that's related to special rules and permissions for civil aviation flights in that area. But a quad on a back yard is not a civil aviation and does not require FAA approval.

      Usually, if there are any TFRs which can affect hobby flights, AMA clubs (like DCRC club in that area) send out additional note that the field is closed.

      Is there any chance to be able to turn off that white overlay? 

  • Developer

    Those automatically indicate the presence of a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) and they cannot be turned off.

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