MIssion Planner Wizard Stuck

I just got the latest version of the mission planner software as of today.  When using the initial setup wizard, it seems to get stuck on 15 of 16.  The Finish button is there and seems to work but nothing ever happens.  The wizard does not end and I am unable to do anything but terminate the programs from the task manager.

Not sure if this is related or not but the only thing that seems odd to me about the setup is I was not able to pass the "Verify Pre-Arm Test"; it still shows red.  (I can't tell what state the APM is in.  Solid blue light and the red is flashing twice.  Moving the throttle to lower left or right  for 5 seconds doesn't seem to change anything.

Any advice?



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  • Same problem here too. Just did a brand new build on a quad with the full APM package. Everything is great. Strangely I have no Roll control. I tested the RX with a servo and it's working fine. I test in under Actions, Raw Sensor View, then Radio and the APM IS getting the inputs from the RX. it just doesn't seem to want to do anything with it. I have managed a few test  'hops' and it's great, just a slight drifting to the right. Everything seems great except since this damned software update. I can't get roll control. I managed to get it calibrating under Mandatory hardware, but most of the time it either didn't work, or it would show the red limits bars moved to where they should be but the green bar never moved (weird).

    I uninstalled MP, restarted the computer, the reinstalled, did NOT let it do the update. The problem still remains. I even lost compass but it came back, my buddy with the same APM lost compass last night too.

  • I'm having the exact same problem right now.

    Has anybody found a fix?

  • I upgraded Mission Planner last night (3/25) on a Windows 8 system and had the same problem described above. I was able to pass all parts of the Pre-Arm test however. Had to terminate entire application to close the wizard dialog box. I even waited 1-2 minutes thinking that something might be going on with MavLink.

  • Same problem as Bob. Although when the battery is connected and I calibrate the ESC, it arms throttle lower left.

    What's going on?

    • Hi Michael

      your transmitter should probably have been reversed in some channel

      please check it

    • I am using a Jr 9303 and Ele, Ail and rud had to all be reversed. So indeed when I was trying to arm it, I kept disarming it.

  • Not sure what the deal was but today it did not freeze on screen 15.

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