Roswell, GA

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Former aerospace engineer (GE, Lockheed), serial entrepreneur, software developer, caver, kayaker, backpacker, clawhammer banjo player. Currently founder/CEO of Microception, Inc, leading provider of interview room recording systems. Also husband, father, homeowner, beekeeper, blogger (www.beehacker.com), and airstreamer.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Currently flying APM1 on 550mm HK quad with GPS, sonar, compass, and 3DR radio. Also fly KK2 on Turnigy Talon quad and CC3D on RC Explorer type tri. Have just received FPV hardware.


Roswell, GA (Atlanta burb)

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Tom Rearick posted a blog post
Newly emerged virgin honey bee queens become inseminated in flight by multiple male honey bees (drones) in elevated regions called Drone Congregation Areas (DCAs).  These DCAs are areas five to 60 meters above ground and 30 to 200 meters in…
Mar 2, 2020
Tom Rearick posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
I have a raspberry pi reading mavlink messages from a pixhawk. When I read SCALED_PRESSURE I get hPa values around 490  - less than half of what I would expect - and a temperature around 4834 in cdegC - seems warm to me. This is consistent with what…
Mar 30, 2019
Tom Rearick posted a blog post
I have two hobbies: beekeeping and building/flying multirotors or drones. There is rarely any overlap between the two but recently I have noticed a spate of YouTube videos with titles such as:Bees Attack Quadcopter BladesAngry Swarm of Bees Attack…
Nov 7, 2015
Tom Rearick replied to Bob Snyder's discussion MIssion Planner Wizard Stuck
"I upgraded Mission Planner last night (3/25) on a Windows 8 system and had the same problem described above. I was able to pass all parts of the Pre-Arm test however. Had to terminate entire application to close the wizard dialog box. I even waited…"
Mar 25, 2014
Tom Rearick replied to Will's discussion I'm a cop and need help making a drone, as well as some info
I admire your desire to perform your job better using fewer public resources. More public servants should emulate your example.
Here is my two cents. Someday FAA may get their act together. Expert or not, nobody knows when that will happen or…"
Feb 15, 2014
Tom Rearick commented on Gerard Toonstra's blog post Pilot's logbook
"In addition to building and flying multicopters (cc3d, apm1 & 2, kk2), I also keep bees. There are a lot of things to keep track of each time I inspect the internals of one of my hives. I have used spreadsheets and created forms. There are mobile…"
Dec 8, 2013
Tom Rearick commented on Jonathan Hesselbarth's blog post ArduVTOL - Wingcopter - Flight Report Nr.1
"This is a really valuable contribution.
I can imagine that you have a channel devoted to the tilt mechanism and that you have the FC mounted on the wing itself. Are there other customizations made to the code to assist in the transition from hover…"
May 18, 2013
Tom Rearick commented on Acorn's blog post My first DIY Quadrocopter - Part Two (The Hybridization)
"I think this is the first oak frame I have seen. You might be surprised at how flight characteristics change on a lighter, pine frame. I have evolved from carbon fiber (brittle like glass) to pine & thin ply. I get lighter frames, less breakage, and…"
May 18, 2013
Tom Rearick replied to Hugues's discussion H frame supported by arducopter ? in ArduCopter User Group
"An H is an X with a fat middle. So far as Arducopter is concerned, they are the same. You could mount 4 motors equidistant from each other on a hoola hoop. If there are two motors in the front, it is an X. If there is only one motor in the front, it…"
Apr 23, 2013
Tom Rearick posted a blog post
A really useful multirotor is big enough to carry a camera or FPV yet small enough to take with you everywhere. A quad or tri rotor can be made more compact by folding the arms but how about some legs that fold out of the way? As soon as I saw the…
Apr 5, 2013
Tom Rearick replied to Matt Alman's discussion Just getting started in ArduCopter User Group
"I have been flying an Arducopter quad and a KK2.0 quad for about one year now. Before that, I never flew any RC aircraft successfully.So I still remember what it was like to be where you are right now.
It is useful to recognize the difference…"
Jan 15, 2013
Tom Rearick replied to Thomas Mc Grory's discussion 3DR ArduCopter Hexa-B Ready to Fly from Udrones, Includes Part Replacement Kit! in ArduCopter User Group
"Two years ago, I had never successfully flown an RC aircraft. Today I am really enjoying my APM1 quad and KK quad. I have re-built a few frames and replaced a lot of propellers (hint: stock up). I've flown my arducopter in nearly all flight modes. I…"
Jan 11, 2013
Tom Rearick replied to bergsprekken's discussion camera disturbs the gps
"I experienced my first flyaway this weekend. I had GPS lock on my APM1 in Position Hold mode. My quadcopter has this same HK wing camera right next to the MediaTek GPS module. I ran the quadcopter up to about 400 feet confident that it would hold…"
Jan 7, 2013
Tom Rearick replied to Monroe Lee King Jr's discussion Pendulum rocket fallacy and the Quadcopter in ArduCopter User Group
"Rockets with CG ahead of CP are dynamically stable. Hot air balloons are more stable with CG below CP. Of course, if you were to shoot a balloon with a gondola out of a (large) cannon, it would assume the dynamically stable configuration of gondola…"
Aug 25, 2012
Tom Rearick replied to Tom Rearick's discussion Scratching my head in ArduCopter User Group
"First of all, thanks to everyone for their thoughtful response. I will try to respond to each in this one posting.
Chris: No, it is not cold indoors or outdoors. Not in Atlanta. In July.
Randy: The motors turn fine during configuration so I don't…"
Jul 9, 2012
Tom Rearick posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
I have the following configuration:APM1 and oilpan with magnetometer and GPS4 RC Timer 30A ESCs4 RC Timer 750kV outrunnerslatest APM1 firmware and APM Planner softwareFubata T8UHPs heli radio configured for ACRO and Mode 2Futaba PCM receiver3DR PDBI…
Jul 8, 2012