Mission - ROI - copter direction vs gimbal direction

I'm trying to plan a flight and am having trouble finding one bit of information. 
I remember reading in the past, there is a setting about telling the copter if it should point its nose towards the ROI, or simply rotate the gimbal towards the ROI. 

Can someone tell me where I can set this?  I need to point the nose of the copter towards the ROI, due to my non-retractable landing gear. 

Thank you

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  • Bump.... Anyone know?
    I did a few flights over the weekend and it was mostly working how I want.. The nose pointing to the ROI.  Between some commands, like RTL it points the nose to the waypoint and the gimbal to the ROI.  I'm still curious how I control this parameter. 

    I'm also wondering if there's a way to set the speed the gimbal moves, when acquiring a new point or region of interest. 

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