Can anyone suggest what's going wrong with the attached waypoints file?

It looks like it loads fine into MP but when I upload to my APM2.5 I get "There was an unexpected error" dialog when it hits command 124 (of 130). I've combed over that area of the file and can't see any problem.

After that error if I then check the config parameters they seem fine, even if I refresh, but if I then disconnect+reconnect the APM's USB I can see that the config has been flashed to defaults.

I'm totally expecting there to be an error with the waypoints file as I have been manually editing it, but I can't find the error and for sure uploading waypoints shouldn't be corrupting the EEPROM config, that's a pretty nasty bug.

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i think you might be hitting the wp limit

Really? at 124? Can anyone else confirm that?

Given you need a few commands at each waypoint (orientation, camera control) that really isn't many.

I know I heard Chris mention "unlimited waypoints" in one of his presentations, which I knew couldn't be true as the thing only has so much memory, but I was expecting it to be in the hundreds if not thousands.

PS. thanks for adding the logfile location preference, just found it in one of the newer builds, my multi-computer dropbox sync is happy now, cheers.

Just bumping this up - do we know for sure what the waypoint limit is, and if so can we have Mission Planner stop at that limit rather than corrupting the EEPROM?

I added this as a bug in github here

I was digging into the code and , at least with the apm 2.5 the eeprom appear to have 4096 different addresses, after that it comes the fence data. How big is the actual eeprom chip?

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