More foam supplied with PXHawk by 3D Robotics

  I ordered PXHawk from 3D robotics. It came with 4 pieces of nice foam. It made mounting the PXHawk very easy. Now I want to move the controller to a different vehicle and I would want to use the same foam. Does someone know where can I get this from. In the product page of 3D robotics I cannot find it as I think it comes only with the controller and is not sold separately.

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  • It's not worth the worry.

    Pick up foam from multiple other locations, or buy some Kyosho Zeal from any multitude of online locations.

  • As I know it's not possible to get the same type of foam. I don't know why, but it's very big problem for 3DRobotics to allow us ordering it from 3DR shop.

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