Hi folks

I just loaded up latest firmware 2.24 On a skywalker but have run into an issue i cant figure out.

I used apm planner, and performed epprom reset etc. Everything went as usual for update, i set up the radio and modes (2 switches for 6 positions as per wiki for my radio)

However, in ground testing, when i switch to stabilize, the motor turns on as though it is in RTH, or loiter???. The planner is displaying the expected modes coerrectly- that is it displays stabilize while the motor is gets turned on.

I have reset and rerun radio calibration/modes several times and also put only manual on first position and stabilize on the rest thinking the pwm values may be too close to next position, but still motor turns own

Throttle leads are in the correct position on apm ins and outs?

Any ideas???

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Well -I don't know what the problem was but reloading the firmware resolved it.

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