Motor Selection, reliable brands and sources.

I am in the process of building my first plane and at the design phase, giving thought to motors (outrunner mainly).

There are so many available "brands" out there...does anyone have recommendations for good quality motors in the 400 class that are well made, efficient a d dependable.

I have been recently looking at the Pulso brand and liking them.

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  • Also found Scorpion brand competition at what appear to be decent pricing. The site also sells parts and kits which is interesting and nice to be able to repair a motor gone bad, perhaps. Shipping seems reasonable.
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    Anything with AXI written on it, I hear Microdan is good as well.
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    Can't say I've ever heard of "Pulso" brand. What kind of aircraft are you building? Is this a scratch project, or a kit? There are a lot of good brands out there. What suppliers do you regularly use I.E. Towerhobbies etc. What type of performance are you looking for, trainer, sport, aerobatic, 3D? You said you were building "your first plane". Is that as in first ever, or first scratch project?
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