Motor speeds up with constant throttle ??

Hi guys,

I've almost finished my first quadcopter. I've used a KK2.0 board. I've followed several guides online to program my ESCs and set up the KK2.0. I'm noticing a few things that I can't seem to fix though. Perhaps you clever people can help?!

When I switch the quadcopter on, there are four simultaneous beeps from the ESCs/motors. After a few seconds, one of the beeps starts to go out of sync with the other three. Is this a problem/sign of anything? I've checked the ESCs are programmed correctly and redone the KK2.0 setup several times.

When I arm the KK2.0 and push my throttle forward (propellors still off at this point!) the motors kick in. But say for example I push the throttle to around 30%, the motors start but one (the back right - the odd beeping one) starts to speed up further after a few seconds. Tilting the quadcopter makes the correct motors speed up etc. What could be causing this motor to speed up to full speed slowly?

Cheers for any suggestions!

Dave :-)

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  • I have a similar issue with two Jeti 77 opto's....  seemed like i would keep throttling up until all of a sudden they both kicked in real sudden, and then kept speeding up.....   in any case the Jeti guys told me to add capacitors right before the ESC, and then stopped responding. (?!?!)

    Figured I would let you know, for the little its worth! best of luck with yours

  • Do make sure that the your ESC's are calibrated to your Tx throttle.

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