Motor Test Mavlink Message

It appears that there is support for testing individual motors according to this wiki:

and it looks like there are commands here for motor tests:

(The code was moved here:

but I don't see the ac2cli program.)

Is there a MAVLINK message for testing individual motors?  I browsed through the common.xml messages, but didn't see an obvious one.

I'm using ArduCopter 3.1rc2.



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  • I did this but the motors do not spin. Is it a hardware problem?

  • will the motors turn? I tested it via raspberry Pi and it doesnt work? must it use original APM? I'm using China?

  • how do you do this? especially using serial port?

  • There seems to be an "Builtin app" called mavlink, when I connect to PX-4 via terminal.

    Cannot find any documentation on this though. Is it possible to send mavlink commands through this or any other tool inside one of the GCS's? 

    Is there a way to dump log files through terminal (using mavlink)?


  • Developer

    The "test", "motors" command is still supported in the CLI.  It's discussed a small amount at the bottom of this new wiki page.

    Maybe what threw you off is that it use to be "setup", "motors" but it seemed like more of a "test" than a "setup" to me so I moved it in the CLI.

  • I have reported in other threads that I have been unable to get [test] [motors] to work at all in APM:Arducopter 3.0.1 with a Y6.  The only way to spin individual motors is as Stephen said, using a direct Rx connection or pulse generator.  The wikis are confusing because they refer to very different software builds over the years, so I find a lot of commands/parameters that are no longer present, as you did.

    This would be a very valuable function to have in APM, though.. running up one motor, to check for specific vibration.  I really don't like disconnecting the ESCs from the APM, and it seems like software could do this so much better (step through the motors with a Tx Ch7 switch, run each one up individually, confirm order and vibration)

  • There is no command in Mavlink to test the motors as such. The commands you linked are part of the APM software and can be accessed through command-line interface. They spin the motors one-by-one in a cycle.

    If you just want to spin a particular motor, it would be easiest to connect the ESC's directly to your RX, bypassing the APM.

  • I found the CLI in the Mission Planner Terminal. Is that using a different protocol than MAVLINK to control the motors?

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