Motors not working (Arducopter Quad)


We got the Arducopter ready to fly with firmware installed 2.0.46. We made the setup from CLI as it was told in manual (reset, level, radio and compass on). We turned the CLI switch to fly mode (1) and conencted the lipo. Then we successfully armed the motors and saw the green led solid. However, when we give the throttle motors did not respond and keep beeping as they were beeping after APM boot-up. Also we are not sure if that beeping starting from boot-up is normal.

After first try we also performed a manual ESC calibration, but nothing changed. Below you can see the video showing our problem. Any suggestion/comments?

Details for our configuration:

- Arducopter quad ready to fly from jDrones with 850kV motors and 20A ESC

- Futaba T7C transmitter and R617FS receiver.

- 3S 3400mAh LiPo, fully charged.

- CH7 is not connected and it is configured as "Do nothing" from GCS.

- CH5 is set to Stabilize and simple mode.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi,

    The problem is solved by reconfiguring transmitter CH3 end point 100%->140%. Previous setting was 100%->100%. We also recalibrated radio according to the new settings, then we succesfully tested motors. However there's a clicking sound coming from the motors especially when changing the speed. Do you think it is normal?

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