Motors, Propellers and Batteries

I have seen several posts here and on rcgroups asking for the same help but have yet to see any simple specific guidance for the calculation or formulas that arrive at a solid Motor/Propeller/Battery combination for QuadRotor platforms.  Of course the weight, maneuverability and flight times or battery capacities are going to be different for each but there has to be an easier solution than web pages with forty inputs that are unknown to the average person.

Does anyone have a link or some easy formulas for calculating:

  1. Motor specifications
  2. Propeller specifications
  3. Battery capacity
  4. Appropriate ESC specs for Motors/Batteries

With inputs of:

  1. Total weight: 35 lbs (Airframe, 4 Motors, 4 ESCs, 4 Batteries, APM & Electronics, Misc)
  2. Desired flight time: ~ 30 minutes

I would imagine that each Motor/ESC should run on its own battery.  Most motor retailers recommend ESCs for the specific motor, but are there any tips to take into consideration for an Aeroquad?

Thanks in advance for any help and I'm sure that this info will serve many more than just myself.

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  • Here is another place to download a fine tool for most of what you want. You can quickly compare motors props etc. and notice that it all matters. Because a quad is flying on all motor it makes since to have that part right.


    Drive Calculator
  • Use motocalc or electricalc to compute static thrust.

    These programs have libraries of prop, motor, ESCs and battery models, and you can add your own models, or use user contributed models. Either should get you close enough to start building and then try out some props.


    I can't help thinking that for large platforms the energy lost in accelerating the propellers for attitude correction will be significant. We can't recover the energy at the decelerating side (at least not easily). I guess people like the simplicity over the efficiency of a variable pitch system.


    MotoCalc Electric Flight Performance Prediction Software
    MotoCalc electric flight performance prediction software
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