Plano, TX

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I have been building and flying models for over fifty years and still love it.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I enjoy building and designing RC models. Computer control adds so much to the experience that the possibilities are endless. It will be interesting to see where this leads to and all the new business it will bring to the hobby.


Plano, TX

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Mark Sutton replied to Cala's discussion Same pitch and length props .which better? in ArduCopter User Group
"I feel your pain. Here is a site you can find a free tool to study power systems for all types of projects. You can compare different designs before you by the parts. Hope this helps
Sep 15, 2014
Mark Sutton replied to William Burkert's discussion 3DR Quadcopter Carbon Fiber Frame in ArduCopter User Group
"Carbon and other composite materials are very easy to use if you understand how to use them. I built sailplanes with them for years with great success. Foam, kevlar, spectra, epoxy, glass, balsa and plywood cam be combined in various configurations…"
Nov 23, 2013
Mark Sutton left a comment for Mike Porter
"Here is what it looked like when I had it."
Aug 22, 2011
Mark Sutton left a comment for Mike Porter
"Mike I am as excited as you are about this. I have little doubt that you have what used to be my car and can give you some of the history.You can contact me via email.
Please do."
Aug 22, 2011
Mark Sutton left a comment for Mike Porter
"I have often wondered what happened to my Healey. can you send me some pictures?
Tell me what you know and I can help you ID the car.
Aug 22, 2011
Mark Sutton left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"Thank you for the invite to this group. I am still working on my first Quad Drone. I have built models and flown RC for years. I would like to share a link to John Searl and think many of you will find him fascinating. The video about him is…"
May 30, 2011
Mark Sutton replied to Michael Abraham's discussion New Universal Multicopter Dome`s
"Hi Mike
I have built model aircraft for years and want to start playing with quadcopters. I'm thinking of scratch building a blue foam airframe to test full body shapes. My son has built a couple of stick frames and has the flight gear working. what…"
May 17, 2011
Mark Sutton replied to GliderUAV's discussion A.T.V. Autonomous Thermalling Vehicle
"Thermal Soaring is very interesting and enjoyable. Living in north Texas we don't have much slope lift so Thermal Soaring is how we do it. Once you learn to Find lift then you learn to get in it and ride it. If the lift is good and you can stay…"
Apr 28, 2011
Mark Sutton replied to William Bishop's discussion Motors, Propellers and Batteries
"Here is another place to download a fine tool for most of what you want. You can quickly compare motors props etc. and notice that it all matters. Because a quad is flying on all motor it makes since to have that part right.
Apr 26, 2011
Mark Sutton left a comment for Mark Sutton
"You too I've been flying a Trex 700 on PHNX SIM. Full out 3D is very cool but hard to learn on so I used what I read from John Salts books, tweaked it for babies and it's more like the MSR but with 1000 times the HP.
You can setup any Heli to be…"
Apr 15, 2011