New Universal Multicopter Dome`s

Hi all, when searching the Net for nice looking Domes I can find a Lot.

But I cant find Flat Looking Domes for my DIY Projects. So I made now for me and all Multicopter Pilots Three Size of Domes. Made from PP 0,8mm, Very very Tough but flexi too.

Sale as raw , means there is a 20mm Border around. Ideal for the millions af Frames on this Planet, to make your own Holder, Slots, Holes and what ever. Even as a Bowl for Champange after the Maiden Flight.

Please Lock here :





Dome 1, 190mm Diameter, Top 60mm, High 55mm , 45gramm

Dome 2, 150mm Diameter, Top 50mm, High 80mm, 37gramm

XXL Dome 3 ,240mm Diameter, Top 90mm, High 120mm, 90gramm

For Question, Price and Ordering Info please  contact me - Mail to Mike

-------------------------------120 % made by Me and Made in Germany---------------------------------------

Sincerly Mike

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  • Hi all,


    Time goes by.  Now you can Order my Last Universal Multicopter Dome the ARROW here Multicopter Dome Arrow

    In white PET or clear Pet.

    Go for it..............


  • Hi Mike

    I have built model aircraft for years and want to start playing with quadcopters. I'm thinking of scratch building a blue foam airframe to test full body shapes. My son has built a couple of stick frames and has the flight gear working. what I would like to try is one shape similar to a Frisbee and another one based on on old flying saucer I had in the sixties. What I am interested in is the airfoil or lifting shape. How will the airflow from the motors flowing through the shape affect the lift? I don't see very many other people building bodies that extend out past the rotors. 



    Mark Sutton

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