• Thank's for your anwers. Forrest, I think about the 16" too, my motors are RcTimer 4215 460kv and I use 3s batteries (fpv), one or two 5.000mah and I have 15*6.5 CF props (what I find) and a 1.4 kg without batteries, I read that longer and thinner props are more efficient, with this setup and one battery I fly 15 min aprox, It's possible to obtain a better time performance changing  props? how much? thank's


    • MR60

      Anyone who says that longer and thinner is better hasn't tested props.  I've tested hundreds.  I've yet to find a hard fast rule.  Some props that don't follow the rules at all do extremely well.

      From the props you are discussing, you should be able to get about 10% more time.  If you are flying for 15 minutes, then only 1 1/5 minutes more.

      The best way to fly longer is to (in this order):

      - get rid of unnecessary weight {50% - 100% increase in flight time)

      - fly with lower KV motors (20% - 30% increase in flight time)

      - find the optimal propellers (10% - 20% increase in flight time)

      - then with your C low enough (it won't be unless you do the above first), switch to Li-Ion batteries (60-80% increase in flight time)

    • Thank's Forrest, excellent summary :)   Very interesting Li-ion batteries; they support something than 10A  max no?

    • MR60

      They support 1C at hover.  

      - A 3000mAh battery would support 3 amps

      - A 15000mAh battery would support 15 amps

      That is why you need to get weight down first and efficiency up.  Otherwise you can't carry a large enough Li-Ion battery to make the ship work.

    • Thank again I'm going to work in that things

  • MR60

    In the 16", the 692 type were more efficient.  For your motors, the 16" might be the best bet.  The extra inch of gap between the propellers will also make it fly quieter.  But the total lift will not be as great as using the 17".

  • I feel your pain. Here is a site you can find a free tool to study power systems for all types of projects. You can compare different designs before you by the parts. Hope this helps

    Drive Calculator
  • According to the review:

    The MKii props have slightly bent up tips...

    High Quality full carbon fiber 1755MKII propeller, very well balanced, very robust and very reliable,aerodynamics tip design to reduce power consumption and noise, improve flying performance and increase the duration.

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