Firstly, I tried logging in to the ardupilot forums for help, but am experiencing issues. Cant reset my password because it doesn't recognise either my username or password. Cant register because the email is in use. Cant find contact details for the mods.

So i'll try here instead.

Anyway, I have a Pixhawk (3DR version) running latest AC3.3.3 with an external GPS+compass and an RFD900u (Air) and RFD900+ (Ground).

Im trying to do the compassmot calibration through mission planner connected by USB cable (as instructed on the copter guide website), but the motors wont spin at all. Do I need to have a GPS lock or something? Im indoors so no GPS. I can take it outside, but then Id rather connect with the radio modems instead of USB. Will that be ok?

I can fly the quad outside, so there shouldn't be any alarms. Ive done the compass calibration a number of times and the primary is pretty good, but the on board compass is a bit out, which is why I want to do the compassmot. I took the decination from the website instead of the default automatic declination.

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never mind, i got it to work. What i wasn't doing was pressing the safety switch. I assumed the guide stepped it out precisely, but it missed that one step.

And FYI, i got an interference of 12%.

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