I was wondering how people are mounting their radios to tablets? I have checked eBay and Amazon and I cannot find anything.

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velcro is best for me

I built a transmitter tray which holds a monitor, my tablet, vid receiver & recorder, LiPo battery & a 5V BEC - the radio & bluetooth to my tablet are zip-tied to the tray.

Do you have any pics? What did you make the tray out of?

I'll post some a little later today

Okay, here are some pictures of my tray.
I made this solely with items I had in the shop, and it is version 1... I will probably make another one out of aluminum sheet after a few tests for usability and practicality.

A couple more photos:

What's that weigh like 50 lbs?

If there are any CAD or 3D design guys out there who want to send me a STL file for 3D printing, I'll print one, test and send you one.

After 25 years carrying around 100-150 lbs on my back, up and down the mountains, deserts and jungles around the world, I don't notice little things like a few pounds hanging around my neck. Be that as it may, I also tend to sit down and put this on my lap when I fly... and since I fly from my pasture next to my front yard and shop buildings, I don't even have to load up the truck. All I have to do is shew away the cows.... 

Also, like I said, it's version 1 - a prototype/proof of concept, if you will - and the target of future refinement. I don't expect anyone to make one like it, few folks could handle it.

I like it, you could always mount a telescopic pole in front so that it can rest on the ground.



I just printed out this mount and attached to the stock radio. Works great since it has clearance for the TX antenna and can be angled for better viewing
Sweet, I will take a look. Thanks for the link.

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