• We can create your mounts with 3D printing if interested - mail me for a quote 

  • Very cool and I will do the same. 

    google street view

    Google Street View
    Just start typing an address and streetview or satelitte images start filling your screen.
  • If anyone needs CAD creation we can create the CAD file & print also in-house!

  • I am using this 3D printed holder and it works great.


    • Interesting, I just bought a 3D printer too. I need to swap back and forth my Black Pearl though.

  • Here's how I did my quick disconnect for either my Nexus 7 or my Black Pearl to my Taranis radio. After rummaging through my box of GoPro mounts I found a combination that works pretty well along with the standard eBay universal carbon fiber tx bracket. It's reasonably balanced while still maintaining a quick disconnect. As far as the Nexus goes you do have to stick a GoPro slide on the back but this is the only thing I use the tablet for so no big deal. The Black Pearl mounts the same way.




  • I mount mine on the side of my makeshift sun shade with velcro, works quite well


  • MR60

    a simple tablet holder with some plywood and a 9cheap CF fpv screen holder found on hobbyking


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  • Hi Mike,

    here is my really cheap solution. Just a small wooden rod, and a small metal plate, connected with velcro.

    Works fine for me.

    Best regards,


    Foto 12.06.14 00 05 54.jpg

    Foto 12.06.14 00 06 21.jpg

    Foto 12.06.14 00 07 09.jpg
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