• Where is the transmitter antenna?

      • The FS-THX9 that comes with the IRIS is using the antenna on the back from the telemetry module, it does not have an "own" antenna. That's why I could plug the small piece of wood in where the "real" antenna would normally be. Btw, I was inspired by this post, take a look at the first picture:


    I just printed out this mount and attached to the stock radio. Works great since it has clearance for the TX antenna and can be angled for better viewing
    • Wow, just what  I was looking for.

      Now to find someone with a 3D printer.....

    • Sweet, I will take a look. Thanks for the link.
  • If there are any CAD or 3D design guys out there who want to send me a STL file for 3D printing, I'll print one, test and send you one.

  • I built a transmitter tray which holds a monitor, my tablet, vid receiver & recorder, LiPo battery & a 5V BEC - the radio & bluetooth to my tablet are zip-tied to the tray.

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