Mounting a S100 cannon camera on my drone

I just bought a s100 cannon camera for doing field mapping and NDVI mapping and I'm trying to figure out how to mount it to my multi copter.  Any advice to what gimbal I should be looking for or what else I could use.  thanks.  

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        • How did this work out for you, Nadia?


          Were you successful in mounting your Canon S100 to your Tarot 2-axis gimbal?


          - Rick

        • Hey Nadia,

          Here are links to STL files for both parts needed. I printed in ABS with a fairly high quality printer using a print shop.

          To assemble, I took apart the Tarot gimbal and reserved the bottom plate with the damping balls. You attach the two pieces above with two self threading #6 screws, orienting the camera bracket so that the camera is offset to the correct side when facing downwards. You then squeeze the damping balls through the tarot conversion bracket, and remount the assembly onto the copter. So, in total it's three parts - the two printed parts and the Tarot bottom damping bracket.

          The camera is attached to the camera bracket using a 1/4 inch screw.

          I'm happy to take some pictures if my explanation is a bit confusing.

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          • I know this is an old thread, but I've been running in circles trying to figure out how to mount an S110 to my Iris+ with the Tarot 2D gimbal. I was recently told it would never work anyways because the Tarot doesn't have enough power to balance an S100/110. Any advice, or did I misunderstand? Sadly, the Dropbox links are toast.

            • If you want to try it, shoot me your email and I'll see if I can find the parts in my Dropbox.

            • S110 with a Tarot 2D will probably not work at all.


              David R. Boulanger

          • Right on, David.


            Some pictures would be great - do you have any?

          • Thank you very much for sharing your work, David!

            Your explanation is clear but if you want to post some pictures I would appreciate it.

            Now let's find a print shop....

            Bye, Nadia

            • Hi Nadia - did you ever have any luck on this? Basically trying to figure the same thing out, but in a time warp...

      • @David - I'd be very interested in getting your setup for mounting my s100. Does it seem to limit the the problems associated with the IS Lens?
        • It didn't help at all with the 260, but I think the S100 lens is less prone to vibration. It's dampened with the balls, but probably needs thicker damper balls to really be effective.

          I switched over to a NEX 5 and have no regrets - can cover almost twice the area per picture, way better quality, no issues with blur. Easy to trigger with an IR trigger or intervalometer.

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