Mounting the APM2

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After looking at a few plane UAV build threads, I see that the majority of the Autopilot boards are being mounted to a slab of balsa inside the fuselage.  Is there a reason for just using a piece of wood?  I was thinking about using some sheet aluminum and making a glue in mount but I wondering if I'm missing something obvious.




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  • Lots of people use a small square of foam, or 4 squares in the corners.  Others use rubber bands to suspend the board.

    Vibration dampening is the main thing, don't know how well it will work to directly attach it to something that might have quite a bit of vibration.

  • im not an expert and make a lot of mistakes but I think you can mount the APM2 board directly to your foam fuselage.  I was going to place 4 small rods and glue them down and tie the auto pilot to them with rubber bands.  I tried the O-ring idea and did not have a good go at it.  I do however blame it not working on myself.

    4 dots of hot glue dried for the apm2 to rest on is a cool idea...... how would you attach the chip to the glue dots?

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