MQ9 half scale model

hey guys 

I'm wanting to make a quater scale model of the MQ9 reaper

length - 2.75 meter

wingspan - 5 meter

height 0.9 meters

it's gonna be a big'un

i dont't know weight ratio's though im gonna use this as an engine


depending on the weight 

My problems are the weights like the weight at the front and back should it be balanced to be able to fly or could it be heavier at the back with the engline.

My other problem is what i should make it out of and how i shape it and attatch parts e.g. wings etc


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  • Louis,

     I'm working with Rotary Engine (single) and even if the design is nice, they can be pain. Very short life time (In extreme cases less then 150FH) - and overhaul is not cheap.

    But they have some advantages, definitely. I personally would re command a turbine. (e.g.




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