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my names louis im pretty new to all this but have developed great enthusiasm towards it.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Im currently building mq 9 reaper drone



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Louis Mullen posted a discussion
[Moderator Note: moved to Miscellaneous as it is not really offering anything to sell or buy...]Hi guys, basically a guy i know is offering me a 1/5 scale model of the mq1 predator drone so its pretty big about 1.6 meteres in length and 2.8 metre…
Aug 26, 2012
Louis Mullen posted a discussion
heyguys over the last few weeks i've been designing a quater size mq9. I've designed a transmitter and reciever system which means ill be able to fly it about 500 miles maybe. It's good because ill also be able to put high defenition cameras and…
Feb 6, 2012
Louis Mullen posted a discussion
hey guys me again i think i might of come up with a way to get long range transmitters and recievers upto 300 miles. use satellite cell phones and use the cell phone towersor a microprosser which can transmit modern signals and use speackers next to…
Feb 5, 2012
Louis Mullen posted a discussion
hey guys I'm wanting to make a quater scale model of the MQ9 reaperlength - 2.75 meterwingspan - 5 meterheight 0.9 metersit's gonna be a big'uni dont't know weight ratio's though im gonna use this as an…
Feb 4, 2012
Louis Mullen posted a discussion
hey guys Im currently trying to make a very large mq-9 reaper drone I want to be able to fly it miles away about 200miles max ! I can't find a transmitter and reciever powerful enough to do this could it be done with satalite walkie talkie's as it's…
Feb 3, 2012