would you buy this if you could?

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Hi guys, basically a guy i know is offering me a 1/5 scale model of the mq1 predator drone so its pretty big about 1.6 meteres in length and 2.8 metre wingsoan, it has full video, night, infrared and day with high zoom and targeting sensors so stays on a moving target.  I could potentially fly i anywhere in the world because includes satelite technology and can run for about 7 - 9 hours at 60 - 130 mph ?

Its controlled by 2 computers at ground base and has some very high tech stuff. 

All ground station stuff included and computer onboard etc

would you buy one if you got the chance and if so how much would you offer in a fair price concideing the technology of this thing if money wasn't a problem?

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  • I should clarify that I am not good with giving up ANY rights and do still claim rights which have been quietly taken away, which I presume will never come to the front until the govt' tries to enforce them. If or when that happens no talk or vote will have any value anyway, it then becomes only a question of what I am willing to do to protect myself from a govt' who is oppressive.

    That being said, the EO revision that Obama did vs. the two Bush did was to change the requirements necessary for enforcing the order. Obama included "peace time" which means whenever the govt' thinks it is beneficial... I read that to say when the economy gets bad enough the govt' can place workforce laws that make the USA a communist like society. I will not except a govt' that can tell me where and when I should show up for work and define the compensation I am then entitled to for my labor. If I was good with that I would rather be in a country that has communism a little more dialed in and a society that has accepted it :-/ Not for me! I work hard to play hard, not just to feed my family.

    I think both sides of the isle suck at this point. I retain no hope for any elected official. My only hope is that they are scared of reprocussion just enough to not mess with my quality of living. Time will tell.
  • Why would you want to buy one when you have all ready made a better one your self. I call bull shit all the way around. You are a con artist and won't get very far with the smart people here. Go away, please.

  • Is this guy a prince from Nigeria? LMAO

    The 2 computer thing is kind of a red flag...the kind of thing that someone unfamiliar with the tech would through in when trying to play it up. On the other hand allot of the Cinestar style quads have a Pilot and a camera operator, and that could be construed as 2 computers. And even at 130mph at 9 hours isn't going to get you as far as you think.

    Also you could put together a gas model plane with an APM, a GPS, 2 cameras, 1 being infared, 1 with a telephoto lense, a dronecell, and then use the  point camera here function in the mission planner, and you could probably convince most people that they have what your talking about. They don't, with the right model frame you could put on one hell of a show!

    It also bothers me that someone could make a post like yours, and then  use the interest in that thread in some kind of Fox News  "drone scare".

  • For 50k I'm sure that this guy would be willing to demonstrate all these fantastic abilities for you.   If not, your just setting yourself up for a high-tech Spanish Prisoner scam.

  • I'd love to see some photo's/video's and a good write up on it. Not that I have $50K, but I would imagine it could generate some interest.

    Wonder if National Geographic could find a use for it? Or maybe the fire fighter guys for a fly-over drone?

  • 3D Robotics

    That sounds insane. If it really does what it says, it's probably export controlled as a munition and you can get in trouble for buying it. Please be careful!

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