over the last few weeks i've been designing a quater size mq9. I've designed a transmitter and reciever system which means ill be able to fly it about 500 miles maybe. 

It's good because ill also be able to put high defenition cameras and recording on board.

However it will be quite expensive 

For a little less ill be able to  build a cool helicopter with better quality electronics and i'll be able to put the tranmitter and reciever i've designed so will have a long range distance so will only be able to get 100 - 200 miles out of it ?

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  • How do you guys get info to and from these drones.  I really wan't to make one, but I am not sure how you get the range like this.  30 mile would be great, but I am having no luck figuring out how to do that, 100 - 500 miles would be awesome.  I plan on using a large nitro RC plane decked out to the max with a huge fuel capacity because it would be flying 20 miles to a field, then circling over it to look at cattle, then it would come back home.  I may even try to get it to land itself if possible.

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