I have the MTK GPS basic board, without the backup battery. This has the very annoying effect of having to wait "forever" after each main battery disconnect. I understant that the GPS does a cold restart since it loses its RAM content. So the question is: can I connect a backup battery? How do I do this?

[In the attached picture: this is me waiting and waiting and waiting in vain for the GPS to lock...]


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Hi Dror i found mkt datasheet, you only need wto leads of the battery to the board. I'll try to upload the file.
There you go. If you need any help call: 0547-655-945

I have also timed this process..it seems you need to wait at least 5 minutes for a decent number locked, the longer (20 minutes>) the better...must be a faster/better way?


Thanks.  It seems pretty straightforward to connect a backup battery: disconnect the 150 Ohm resistor between pin 4 and 3.3v, and connect a battery between pin 4 and GND.  Now I need to get a battery & holder (maybe from an old PC motherboard).


Dror i have tons of these holders... in many variations

Thanks, I already bought one.  I will probably connect it this weekend.



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