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my name is Bernardo, I'm located since 4 years in Germany. After a long time of reading about multicopter and comparing different brands and options I decided that the flight control and the electronics should be the ArduPilot Mega v. 2.5.

The design and shape of the frame is still not decided. (Should I buy a set?) Still staring at videos and pictures!   :)

My idea is to enjoy  flying with a copter and the option to take aerial pictures and videos.

A perfect outdoor activity for me !

Is this the only forum with ArduPilot user?  Is there somebody else in Germany?

I really hope to get some support her if needed as a newbie - just in case if something goes wrong or I need a tip to understand -  but also interested to share my experiences during my learning curve and join the discussion and topics.

A few questions regarding the APM v.2.5.:

What do I need - additional to the 'APM mainboard' ? What should I buy?

Is the magneto meter included?

Is the device to connect a PC included to upgrade/update the board?

I want to fly way-points: What kind of wiring / cable should I buy to get the data from the PC into the copter ?

Thanks for reading! Can't wait to start !  :D

regards, Bernardo

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  • Bernardo,

    The basic things you need to fly a manual to semi automatic flights are included on this board. Barometer, magnetometer (Compass), GPS (not really very accurate but it will get you started) and accelerometers.  Don't rush your way to make "Missions" (Waypoint flights). Cable is included with the board so you can connect it to pc and you can download mission planner which is the software that will configure your board for the first flight and all the settings you need to change to enhance or correct flight characteristics. You ll most probably want to learn how to fly and configure your whole quad-copter prior doing autonomous flights with the APM2. A set will guarantee that it will have matched ESC's and Motors along with the frame. If i understand correctly you don't have any previous rc helicopter skills. I have to warn you that is taking aerials with a quad is not a 2 minute procedure it needs a lot of time tuning and maintaining your aerial platform in a flyable condition.

    1) Safety comes First so learn about what not to do with a multi-copter.

    2) Give us details what payloads you are looking to lift with it so we can provide accurate advises on setups.

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