Hey guys,

For a university project, my team and I are working on a self made multicopter drone with wings. The benefits are obvious (longer flight time, greater distance). Also, we will build it so it can sustain difficult weather conditions. 

My question to you would be: What areas of application can you think of for such a drone? do you have any special areas that would really benefit from such a drone (besides package delivery)?

Looking forward to your ideas!


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  • You're kind of  going about it in a reverse order. Think of a specific mission you want to accomplish (Delivery, S&R, Agriculture, Mapping) then build a set of requirements, if your quadplane is the best option for that then hey awesome. But be really, really objective; maybe a fixed-wing or helicopter would be a better fit based on your specs. 

  • Hi Max,

    If in general yours solution will sustain difficult weather conditions, better then the traditional one you have a great point versus the ordinary one .

    Add also the better autonomy and this key points are valuable for all applications, isn't?

    This 2 points are already the main weak points of actual drone tech in my opinion

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