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n1ente replied to Vemema's discussion Real Time Task
"I guess if you post this question on the official Ardupilot project forum you may have more support https://discuss.ardupilot.org/"
Apr 17, 2020
n1ente replied to Henry Scheun's discussion 250 Quad with Pixfalcon help
"Hi Henry,
thanks to yours post here, I see the exact same problem I have!
I suggest you to join the ardupilot community on the new forum at https://discuss.ardupilot.org/
Please remake this post there and I'll join it with my same experience, I need…"
Jul 30, 2017
n1ente commented on Kristaps Brass's blog post Universal Adapter for DJI Gimbals
"Sounds great! any news on the avaibility of the DJI gimbal "for APM" from UgCS?"
May 12, 2017
n1ente replied to Max Valentin's discussion Multicopter-Hybrid
"Hi Max,
If in general yours solution will sustain difficult weather conditions, better then the traditional one you have a great point versus the ordinary one .
Add also the better autonomy and this key points are valuable for all applications,…"
Nov 15, 2016
n1ente commented on Aldo Vargas's blog post Trajectory controller using a companion computer and a naze32
"Wow! Beautiful work, congratulations!
that's exactly was I was seaching for, please update us regarding pixhawk implemetation.
So now you are planning to do it with Arducopter platform using a serial port in the FC?
Are you planning to speak with…"
May 17, 2016
n1ente commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Swarming demo with Solos from Accelerated Dynamics
"Unfortunatly I don't think so, right now seems they used theirs drones as a service for big events like european capital of cultural or in Asia. I'm interested in this field too, but as a APM user I don't know what's the capabilities of parapazzi,…"
Feb 28, 2016
n1ente commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Swarming demo with Solos from Accelerated Dynamics
"@earhpatrol AscTec made the drone, but the folks behind all the cool formazione flying including the London Star Trek and the 100 drones are the Future Lab of Ars Electronica center based in Linz"
Feb 27, 2016
n1ente replied to befinitiv's discussion 3+km HD FPV system using commodity hardware
"@Wolke: I'm waiting for a blackmagic micro cinema soon and I also want to try the B101 with it.
How is working the  B101  for you? Maybe you could test with a gopro...
Yours gimbal looks nice, do you plan to make the 3dfile avaible to test it?
Feb 2, 2016
n1ente replied to Waladi's discussion Video Input to SBC in Companion Computer Working Group
if you haven't seen already this actually could be the only solution for opening others camera options with PiCompanion
Feb 1, 2016