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  • Unfortunatly I don't think so, right now seems they used theirs drones as a service for big events like european capital of cultural or in Asia. I'm interested in this field too, but as a APM user I don't know what's the capabilities of parapazzi, could you help me understanding how yours GS deal with multiple UAV, could you have 1 GS with 1 telemetry for mutiple drones? have you some video about swarming multi uav in parapazzi? Thanks
  • @1ente yes, my mistake. Do yo know if the Future Lab/Ars Electronica system is available in any shape or from? They do amazing work.

  • @fnoop_dog the post is cool, to use your language, and multiple-mav flight is of interest to me and that's why I'm curious as to what they are using and if they have considered existing/functioning systems? Maybe looking though my post's on only DIYD will be of interest to you.

    EarthPatrol's Posts on DIYD

  • @fnoop_dog not sure why you think Paparazzi UAV is cobbled together? Quite the opposite. Just so you know, all the documentation of the process I use to achieve multi-mav is encapsulated in the public wiki available to all Paparazzi UAV users. It's open-source and as such, available to everyone. On the other hand, Accelerated Dynamics uses terms like AI, etc..., and there's no discussion of the technology. That's my interest and I'm sorry if that offends you.

  • @Nigel_Cartwright not the case, no money for you ;).

    @David_Conger +1.

    I'm curious as to how these folks are doing what they did. Instead, folks see any sort of a technical inquiry as a slam. I can describe to you the technology I use and how I use it, as well as how it's sourced. None of that is apparent in this post. And up to this point, no one has offered any technical response other than what you see above. So why can't we have a technical discussion?

  • @earthpatrol - You are really Darius Jack and I claim my $5...

  • "David Conger" I don't see this as an honest question, I see it as attacking someone else for their own agenda.  I 'lurk' at lot on this site and read lots of posts that I find interesting, and get frustrated at what I see as more negative responses recently.  So I sometimes pipe up and not being the best communicator anyway I probably come across a bit strong.  Nevertheless my point stands, a post like this one is pretty cool - AI, swarming and APM?  It should prompt positive discussion and hopefully inspire others to get interested and involved in this kind of thing.  It would also be very cool for someone who has experience of other systems (earth patrol and paparazzi in this case) to write a similar post telling us all what cool things these other systems can do.  A lot of people on this site (myself certainly) know very little about other systems but would be interested to learn more, I'm less interested in hearing 'your stuff rubbish mine is better so you are pointless'.

  • I look forward to the day honest questions are not taken as attacks and responded to as such.

    Now that 3DR is not paying people to develop the free stuff lets see how this plays out. 

    This demo shows a good start. Way to go. There's a lot of work left compared to other projects (open source) out there like Paparazzi but hey it's good progress. 

    Let's all be more transparent and just encourage each other. I saw nothing in earthpatrol that was negative. "Fnoop Dogg" seems to have taken offense. 

    Trolling?  "Fnoop Dogg" you're throwing the first punches here with your over reacting. This site is touted as the only place to go for UAV news...shouldn't we all be able to have discussions here? Why are you so defensive? 

  • @earhpatrol AscTec made the drone, but the folks behind all the cool formazione flying including the London Star Trek and the 100 drones are the Future Lab of Ars Electronica center based in Linz
  • @earthpatrol - at what point did anyone claim this was a worlds first, or the best and only way of 'swarming'?  This is simply a blog post about how a commercial uav is starting to do cool things, posted by the creator of said commercial uav.  The fact that you can cobble together some bits for cheaper and use a completely different platform to do something similar has very little relevance to this.  Instead of trolling here, why don't you write a blog of your own with some interesting details and demonstrations about how your setup or chosen technology works?  That would be a much more positive message that I'm sure lots here would appreciate reading.

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