Video Input to SBC

I'm new to SBC and having several Pi2 around and would like to use them as FPV setup.

My issue is how to have video input to SBC from analog (fpv/Gopro camera) and/or digital (HDMI output of mirrorless camera) source exclude the logitech / any h264 webcam and Pi Camera for FPV purpose?

SBC is great tool for HD FPV transmission but the problem (to my knowledge) is limited option of camera that can be used (webcam / Pi Camera).

Any suggestion are most welcome..

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  • Hi, 

    if you haven't seen already this actually could be the only solution for opening others camera options with PiCompanion

    • Great, thanks n1ente.

      That is what I found on 1st page of google, yes I agree that is perhaps the only solution since HDMI-to-USB converter may experience glitch while of flight.

      Any option for Odroid XU board perhaps?

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