Multicopter not lifting too heavy, time to upgrade parts!


For heavy lifting, on the low budget.

What is the best way to upgrade this?


apm 2.5 control board

APC 10 inch props

DJI 550 frame

3drobotics 850kv motors

rctimer 30a esc Simon K flashed

batteries 2200mah 3s 30-45c

gimbal attached to hexacopter with a few servos for 360 pan and limited tilt.

(created a continuous rotation on one servo for pan)

Trying to build to carry a gopro with gimbal first then later a DSLR doing the same stable video recording for video production.


recommendations? Once gimbal was built and it was fine, DIY onto the board with a few servos works fine but lift wasn't powerful enough.  Next upgrade?  was thinking of getting 13 or 15 inch propellers similar build to the S800. RcTimer has the RCT 800 arms that can be upgraded to this build, but then the motor and props would be my biggest question, on which to buy for size and smoothness from RCtimer?

I'm open to all ideas/thoughts.

Can potentially help others who were wondering about upgrading rather than buying a completely new multicopter.


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"not lifting too heavy" ? What do you mean?

not knowing the pitch on the props, I would say to go up on pitch or size and pitch. try 11x4.7 or 12x4.7 . you might want to try to clean up things and shave some weight from parts too.

@ Michael: Thanks! I just ordered APC 11x45 prop and 4s lipo battery 5000mah,  we will see how that turns out, I also ordered the RCT800 so that I can add the extended props (and would be an easy upgrade with the F550.  All of those parts should be coming in this week!

@CyberCrash: with those specs it wasn't lifting from the ground, it worked but was too heavy with the things I had on that hexacopter even with only a gopro and small gimbal.

*11x4.7.  Not 11x45

my only other comment would be for the C rating on the battery to be better than average. higher C ratings mean better performance.

I am using the C ratings of about 35, for the 3s.  But the 4s coming in is 50C.  How much of a difference would it make?  And low or high threshold, then effects?  

Would that cause a little unresponsiveness i've been getting?  Or maybe that was due to too much weight and so not enough distribution for lift power.

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