Hi Guys,

I need help to solve problems of random crashes that make me crazy.

I flew with a f450 quadcopter for several months without problems. To gain redundancy, I wanted to move to Y6, surprisingly this is where the trouble started and crashes ...


The troublemaker’s configuration:


6x - RCTimer HP2212 1000kV motors

6x - RCTimer SimonK 30A ESC

3x - RCTimer 10x4.7 Carbon Prop on the bottom

3x - RCTimer 9X4.7 Carbon Prop on the top

2x - Zippy 3S 2200mAh 20C battery


RCTimer is the troublemaker? I definitely start to think so ...


On the controller side:

RCTimer APM 2.5 powered with 5V UBEC

GPS and telemetry

External mag

2-Axis Brushless Gimbal with a GoPro 3


The total weight is 1.8 kg ready to fly.


I'm pretty sure the problems do not come from the software layer. The configuration in 3.0.1 worked perfectly with the quad. With Y6, the magnetometer interferences are still below 20%, the vibration level is low (below + / - 0.1g). Batteries, gimbal, and controller are fixed and mechanically isolated from the rest of the frame.


So, crashes ... Usually works great in all flight modes BUT randomly copter start to flip over, mostly on its roll side and obviously becomes uncontrollable. From my last 2 crashes, I was only using stabilize mode.

It can fly several minutes carefree and suddenly becomes crazy. It really sounds like a mechanical failure but I can’t figure out which part… Motors remains cold, so as ESC, plenty of remaining battery when crashes, I have checked all the motors/ESC/power distribution soldering point, I don’t know what to do… How to diagnose a random, ESC or motors failure ??


I did some redundancy tests with a missing propeller, I can fly but not without correction from my part. I have to add about 50% roll to maintain the copter leveled but it is pretty unstable.


Please HELP, I am sick spending $$$ fixing the bastard !





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  • One flight, one crash... 

    Some logs with IMU data

    Please HELP guys 

    2013-08-11 20-38 102.log

  • Log from the last crash. Uncontrolled behavior from line 8900.

    2013-08-11 14-13 91.log

  • hello,

    I suggest checking your wiring for loose or misplaced wire also do a dry run about 3 times no props just power the craft and let the motors run at more than half throttle see if you have any glitches. ESC Test to connect each ESC directly to the receiver throttle Chanel to see if the ESC is working removing the FC from the equation. If they work you can look at the FC as being the issue. 

    also check the ESC programming for low voltage cut off, should be off. 

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