Multirotor Madness

Hi All,

Following Photoship One's "Deca-Copter" and the underlying

assumption that adding more rotors can decrease the power

requirements per motor/esc, while increasing redundancy (motor loss during flight),

also allowing a lighter frame design, comes the big "What If" question:

Can Arducopter do it too? perhaps with APM 2?

Some links for the kickoff:


(check out their 4+6 drive solution...)


(this is real aggressive one...)

and last but not least, e-Volo's


Merry Xmas/Hanuka y'all!


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  • Sometimes, you just have a lot of parts you'd like to utilize!


  • I would think the easiest way to make a dodecacopter  or hexadecacopter with APM would be to simply use a hex or octo frame (respectively) with props both above and below the arms (i.e., like a y-6, but with 6 or 8 arms instead of 3).

    I'm no expert, but I would think that such a design could potentially be implemented with minimal (may none) changes to the code!

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