My 1st Vid With My New Phantom

Hi guys! 2 months ago I bought myself a quadcopter (MJX x101) -cheap one, just for me to learn controls. Not more than 15 flights one motor started to fail and it almost ruined my GoPro H4 when it fell down, so I bought a new Phantom 3 Advanced. This thing speaks for itself. Please watch the video and tell me what do you think of it and what should I improve in future videos.

Here's the link:

Thank you so much! ;)

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  • Very cool editing, that city is amazing!

    Did you apply any stabilization to that footage or is that just raw from the drone? Also from 1:12 - 1:15 there's a weird effect on one section of the roof (I believe it's caused by rolling shutter, but one of the experts here may correct me). I've had good results with adding a ND filter to my cameras in bright sunlight to reduce that if it bothers you, although it does soften the image a bit.

  • 1st video, not that bad though. Camera result is good.

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