Hi All,

This is first my ardu, the flying always flip, turn (rotate), I need your help to fix this problem, please see my video :




My arducopter :


this configuration my arducopter (see attachment to completed configuration) :





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  • arief..arducopter awk dh 'arm' or blom..? lepas calibrate, awk kena cabut balik lipo batery dn connect balik..lepas tu tarik throttle ke kanan+bawah..tggu smpai led hijau berhenti..lepas nampak led hijau kat APM berhenti..baru awk punye arducopter boleh terbang

  • Hi All,

    Last time, i'll try hand test mode stabilize during motor on, but result still same, when i tilting/lowering my ardu to right or left during throttle up, the spinning all motor is same speed / fast same, not like your video example. do you have any spesific suspection ??


  • Once again, this is yet another build where the first flight of the system results in a flip. I'm willing to bet 100% that the ESCs and motors are not correctly connected to the APM in the right order. When you make this mistake and connect the wrong motor/arm to the wrong output of the APM (ouput number), then it's impossible for the APM to stabilize because likely the detected error (actual position VS commanded position) is now amplified rather than being corrected. That's exactly what appeared to happen in the video. Once it started to move, rather than damping the movement, the APM commanded the wrong motors to spin faster causing even more spin and tilt.

    I have devised the easiest test to detect this:


    Increase throttle to the point the motors just begin to spin

    Pick up the quad and tilt it with one arm closer to the ground one at a time.

    You should see, feel, and hear the motor on the lowest arm (closest to the ground) speed up and the arm opposite may slow down or even stop (the highest arm from the ground).

    Rotating the entire quad will make pairs of motors spin faster which attempt to torque correct the quad back to the original position.

    You may need to bring the throttle down or up to best see this but it will be blatently obvious.

    If the arm being tilted towards the ground does not spin faster but a different arm does, you need to change the ESC connection at either the power distro board or the APM itself.


    I would say every couple of days somebody posts the exact same error but nobody ever follows this simple and safe test before installing the props. This should be mandatory and common sense. Again, if you get this wrong, the quad is extremely dangerous because instead of the APM stabilizing the quad, it's actually garanteed to make it fly out of control.

  • nyimak :)

    hi arief, bisa di post hardwarenya ?


  • hi Dave,

    will do, thanks for your suggestion.


  • Try setting the mag declination in the compass setup.

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