My compass is reversed ! - how can that be ?

When the nose of my quad points south,  the Planner (or copertGCS) say North.  - all directions are good, but wrong.

The APM2 is mounted so that the SD card is in front left corner. - and GPS up, of course, do please don't ask that :)

it flies well, - but needless to say is useless to position hold, RTH.

how is this even possible ? - I recalibrated Compass, and also flew with learning on - does not help - the directions are good, but rotated 180degrees.

Firmware 2.5.4.

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  • Maybe the APM want to go the other way around the earth to get to the target ...?

  • Andre, sorry to hear about the loss of your quad!
    I had a similar experience yesterday that concerns me. I am still in the setup phase (newbie) and my plane (using Ardu plane) was pointing south but the planner was showing north. Exactly the same scenario you described. I powered of and went back to the manual to confirm correct installation. When I powered it back up it was correct again. Very strange. Maybe some of the APM gurus have some thoughts on this issue?
  • And now I lost it at sea ! (with a 3DR frame and Bluetooth adapter)

    Yep, after a few minutes or reliable hovering, and position hold , it started to drift away, living on an island, it did not took very long time to get well over water. after a while, It increased forward pitch to a point where I were unable to level it off by holding max "back" on the stick, PH and RTL also failed to level it, and it hit the water some 100 meters from shore.

    I do not know what went wrong, or why it happened, because that was way out of BT range.

    Complete loss, 3DR, new APM2 , BT module battery ETC is on the bottom of the sea. - wish I could learn something from it.

  • ok, calibrations are very random, after doing several calibrations, I hit one that is pretty useful, will try to use learning to fine tune it.

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