my first drone

hexacopter APM 2.8  Can someone help me, I'm assembling a hexacopter with an APM2.8 controller and the motors are inverted on the board when I click on the test motor 1 the motor, 2 and that works I click the motor 3 the motor 6 works only one correct one can someone help me help how do i configure  thank you all for your attention.

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  • Hello! Doesn't the direction of rotation depend on the wiring? If you're using regular three-wire stepper motors, you can just swap any two wires leading to the motor and it should spin in the opposite direction...?
  • Hi Phelipe,
    APM 2.8 is obsolete and now unsupported. Your best move at this point is probably to upgrade to a FC fully supported by
    Arducopter. The latest firmware is Copter 4.3.0 . GL!
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