My first flight in pixhawk it ended badly.

Good morning.

I made my first flight today with my new quadcopter and it ended badly.

I was in stabilise mode, and when I mounted the throttle and the quadcopter part on the side as if a motor had stopped working .. Luckily there was no major damage despite the fall.

I'm new to the platform arducopter and I still do not know exactly how it all works. So I turn to you to find out what's wrong.

The crash was filmed from a friend. Here is the video:

I put a provision attached the log mission hover help for a better understanding because I know not yet deciphered the flight data.

2014-04-01 19-12-09.tlog

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  • Can you at least reported model of speed controller compatible with pixhawk?? I do not want to have purchased 4 esc without being certain that it will work. I do not know how to solve this problem and clearly view the number of testimony that found on the web should be started to look on the problem. my new machine grounded while and I need to work .......
    I waited another can because I believe in this platform and found nothing but if I return to a more solid platform that has already done is proof.

  • After some tests today I found the problem.
    it is a motor with desynchronization esc.

    the problem and known and there is already a dedicated post on the forum. I'll make the link with me.

    I made a video to show the problem. I do not know if have good track on the video but hear perfectly when the engine that desynchronize.

    • Can you safely strap the quad down and try it with one of the props on?  On my quad I was not able to get the sync problem without the prop on the motor.

      Also, what KV are your motors and what speed controllers are you using?

      • for the moment I can not test with a propeller on the motor. but as soon as I can I will try. but without propellers at startup the engine makes a strange sound before taking ca normal rotation. and the eye are way well the engine has trouble starting. but it will be much more visible with a propeller mounted on the engine.

        My configuration: 

        Motors: Sunnysky x4010s 580kv

        ESC: Afro 30A (stock firmware) 

        Pixhawk and last firmware

        • I stated that since the beginning of the esc are connected to the signal wire and the ground wire

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