My first flight! Tell me your thoughts!

Hi guys! This was my first flight, ok 3rd but nothing serious before this one. me your thoughts!How can I improve my drone's movements, what battery pack you think is the best?Like I have said, I just started so I didn't want to jump straightway on the Phantom 3 (or something that range) and crash it in 3 minutes!I hope you'll like my 1st aeral footage ;)

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                • You likely wouldn't race FPV with a gimbal.  You could but not with your FPV camera mounted to it.  You could have a camera mounted on a gimbal to record the action of the other racers. Some people do have more than one camera on their quad. I use an GoPro for FPV and a second GoPro on an Tarot gimbal for videography.  The point was that you said a gimbal was needed to do anything decent.  So by your definition, racing can't be decent because there is no gimbal.  People use things in ways that others may never think of.  The main point was that telling others how they must do something to do it decent is rude and most likely, always wrong.

  • Looking good! You've got it flying, so all you need now is just practice. You'll be surprised how quickly you can become a better pilot. Just practice.

    • Thank you for your kind words!
      I sure will be practicing but I have to buy more batteries because it takes too long to charge one -.-

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Aug 25