MyFlyDream AAT and APM/Pixhawk

Hi, I am seriously considering building an antenna tracker. However after some research and sourcing all the various parts/bits and pricing it all together I get a really "hacked-together" looking tracking unit for a cost of about ~250usd which also would need to be constantly tethered to my GCS which I may or may not need in the field (depending on the mission). 

after search on the net for some kind of a ready-to-use, preferably wireless solution I came across My Fly Dream AAT for 335. Digging more into their manuals I discovered that it can be used with other brand OSDs... 

I am wondering if anyone uses it with the minim osd? since minim OSD doesn't have a "live" GPS feed? 

Also would it be possible to share a single GPS unit between apm and their TeleFlyOSD if yes how would you accomplish this, would a simple Y splitter on the Tx pin of the 3dr gps module work (would it affect apm)? 



Thank you everyone! 

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  • Brian...I just started messing with my MFD AAT.  Had it since 2016 or so and now have time to figure it all out.

    can you show me how you connected the M8N to the Telefly please.

    I have at least 3 GPS units laying around that came with APM's and I want to use one of them.

  • Old post but here I am asking a question.  Did anyone succeed?  What was the solution?

    What about using a 3dr gps just for the telefly?

  • I know this is pretty old now, but for the sake of Google search and to answer future questions. 

    NO - the Pixhawk CANNOT share a M8N GPS unit with the V4 Telefly OSD. I have spent the past 3 days and a multitude of configurations trying to get them to play nicely.

    I have tried forcing the baud rate on the GPS and in MP for the Pixhawk around through the 4 available choices on the telefly OSD to no avail. 

    I have powered the M8N GPS from a 5v source and piped the GPS data stream directly into the Telefly OSD & that works flawlessly.

    Once the Pixhawk is connected to the M8N GPS the telefly no longer will see valid data packets from the GPS.

    hope this helps you in your search for an answer. I am now wiring up a small 5hz mini GPS to give location data directly to the Telefly OSD and in turn the MFD AAT.



    Andrey said:

    Tell me, have You found the answer to your question? Did you manage to connect the GPS to the MyFlyDream OSD? How did You do it?

  • Tell me, have You found the answer to your question? Did you manage to connect the GPS to the MyFlyDream OSD? How did You do it?

  • Minimosd works by reading telemetry messages from the APM. Unfortunately the telefly osd also works as an audio modem. It reads from a GPS and sends the gps coordinates via the audio track. It doesnt know anything about reading telemetry messages. From what i can tell so far, you must have another gps for the MFD teleosd.

  • Hi

    I am thinking of the MFD AAT as well because it has some good benefits imho.

    I am using ezuhf which runs on 433 which unfortunately is the same freq as a 3DRadio. I cant use 900 because its the freq reserved for mobiles here in Australia. I really like the idea of sending the GPS location of the flying machine via the pretty much unused audio channel of my video transmitter. The last bit which seems to be a problem is basically the same thing your asking regarding the GPS. Id prefer if i could make a Y cable and have the MFD flying unit spy on the gps messages going out from the GPS. Somehow i doubt this would work because the MFD probably expects or works via some basic handshakin and doesnt know how to snoop. Then again i havent tried it as im trying to find someone else who has already tried.

    I dont think a 3DR radio is a good idea simply because it would require another transmitter on my flying machines. On my quad ive basically run out of a spot to put the 3dr. The rear end has my vtx, my tower above the cog, has my rx (ezuhf), compass & gps. Putting other transmitters, there ive found cause EMI problems and bad things to happen in terms of arducopter locating itself. The front has my gimbal which doesnt leave anywhere else for a 3dr radio.

    SO far i have also been unable to find the gps + telemetry unit by itself so i can my multiple units and put them on my fleet.

    Have you bought or tried

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