Hi Guys, Recently had a nasty crash with my arduplane setup. It was Flying beautifully, however shortly after the last takeoff in Manual mode I suddenly got a no RC warning on mission planner, lost all input, and the plane throttled UP and dove straight into the ground with a sickening thud. 

I Checked the logs and in fact there seemed to be signal loss, and all the rcServo outputs zeroed before the crash.  I had  GoPro attached to the underside, and the WIFI was in fact on. I Usually turn it off but for some reason I left it on. Could the wifi of the GoPpro Have interfered with the input signals from the RC ? 

Had a Spectrum DX7S, and had the satellite module plugged into the PIxhawk.

Can anyone shed some light on this situation. I Have the tlog and the dataflash in case anyone wants a look. If there is anything else I can help with just give me a shout.



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Yes. GoPro WiFi could well have swamped your RC signal. In fact I would say it is highly likely. Both are on 2.4 

FrSky is more resistant to this but i am sure its range is reduced. Specktrum has a know sensitivity to GoPro WiFi.


Thanks Marc will check it out.

How would this differ from say from a Raspberry pi with a wifi dongle ?

Hi Nicholas,

Did you ever receive an answer to this question? I am currently looking into putting a powerful wifi antenna and raspberry pi on my drone but I am worried about interference issues since my RC is also 2.4Ghz. Thank you.

Nicholas Matias said:

Thanks Marc will check it out.

How would this differ from say from a Raspberry pi with a wifi dongle ?

Sound more like "brown out" issues.  Did you setup 'failsafe' should the receiver lost connection because if you did the plane should be able to RTH to base and loiter.  "Brown Out" condition happens when not enough current supplied to the receiver especially on all Spektrum type receiver (just goggle around for info) and causing all control such as servo or flight controller (APM) to lost its current (A) juice to power everything.  Surplus external UBEC should solve the problem.  I had GoPro on my plane too with Wifi, if it lost signal or interfered the Arduplane will trigger its failsafe back to RTH mode and loiter at home base.

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