Just wondering how many guys have had fly aways with Naza like I have. Done with Naza, what is the best FC out right now?

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Pixhawk! (of course)

Our local Dji newbs have 2 naza fly away in 5 months.  Best affordable FC i'm running now is APM 2.5 for 450 size and APM 2.6 on 250.  Always maxed 13 GPS lock.    Now i'm looking forward for miniAPM V3.1.   Pixhawk also i a great FC too.

Can I run an 800 size drone on it?

Im curious, were they GPS enabled? Did you have manual setup as a flight mode and did it respond? 

I think the NAZA's definition of RTH is Return to Hong Kong

It was in GPS mode, switched to attitude mode and RTH mode also. $3000 down the drain. 35 years in RC and never seen junk like DJI. Built it myself, flew great for 30 flights. Zenmuse was a week old, FPV setup, AR8000 receiver, all new equipment. Latest firmware, lost it at 150 meters. Just quit responding. DJI offered me 20% off an S900, I told em to ram it.

ouch.. Go pixhawk.. it takes a bit more then 4 sliders to setup but the time invested is well worth it..

That's what scares me is the setup, I know nothing about Pixhawk. Naza was kinda simple but junk.

You can do it, and if you have a question someone will answer! Have you started to think what you next Multirotor with a Pixhawk should be?

Oh man, sorry to hear that Jeff.  You make my $300 flyaway like chump change.

I replaced 3 naza with APM and 2 pixhawk, had 2 flyaway with naza without knowing the reason. Feel much more confident now and if I crashed at least I know what was wrong by analizing the logs, something we dont have from naza.

I had a naza once.

Flew away in atti but was able to recover it. Then it stopped responding in gps so flew into a tree. Lastly it flew away in gps, kept going in atti, ignored rth and slowly sank into shoreham-by-sea harbour.

Started again with a kk2.0 which was 100% better then later I built a Discovery with apm and have never had a problem (except for user error), loved it so much I got another for my fms cessna 182 v2 (1400mm).

Yea, thinking about a Tarot 800 or 960! It will be a while though, I have to recover from AZZ Whoopin DJI gave me!



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