hey guys,

I'm having a bit of an issue with my naza m lite upgraded to v2. It went well, worked fine until something happened. 

the drone was mid-air when it started losing altitude until eventually crashed - not too bad, the engines were working so it had a rather hard landing. 

after this crash, it never flew right - on atti and gps mode it doesn't hover anymore - if drifts and sometimes loses altitude.

i'll leave this video here - keep in mind that all I did was to push the throttle up and, of course, minimise damage. didn't work, of course, i have a broken engine mount. 

as a fact - not that fun - it started having issues when i set up the fpv system - a simple camera and a eachine transmitter. i don't think that naza interferes with the fpv system, it's just a coincidence. 

but again, it used to fly well. could it be a problem on the electric side - i had an interrupted engine cable and I re-linked it (soldering). 

this is the video of the crashes I had today.

any ideas? 

p.s: the drone is a quanum venture arf version. 


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